The Creek Pointe Homeowners Association

An unofficial website for information.


This website is being started to chronicle the events to protect myself and my wife Nancy from further abuse.


Over the past 5 years, I have been physically beaten, maliciously prosecuted, framed and blamed for standing up for my rights as a homeowner in the Creek Pointe Homeowners Association.


This evening, April 4, 2006, a Board member told me that he was going to kill me.

He was serious and repeated this at least 3 times.


He said I was a dead man.  The name of this Board member is James Oster.


I have started this website in haste this very evening as a testament.  I have not told my wife yet because I do not think she could stand any more stress right now.


This Website Domain Name is .  DNS Servers have not been populated with the Domain Name information yet but should be active in a day or two.  I hope that in the near future this website could serve other lot owners as well and not just be a posting of threats and abuses to my wife and I.


No financial data or recent meeting minutes are available or have been given to me.  I attended the annual meeting about a month ago and nothing was presented.  I will be formally requesting this information in the near future and will be posting it on this site for the benefit of lot owners who are not part of the Board.  The Board meets in secret with no announced agenda.  Disapproved or approved HOA business and Architectural committee decisions by the Board are found out after the fact.  The Board has or is now placing a hidden camera near a locked gate at the HOA entrance to record comings and going.  My wife and I are the only non-Board members who live here and most Board members do not even live here.  I pay $1500 a year in dues for road maintenance fees, which was double from special assessments for some years, and most of this money in the last few years has gone to pay for unsuccessful litigation against me.


Much of the HOA dues is for roadwork performed by HOA Board members or their partner for maintaining a public road that Weyerhaeuser Corp. claims to own on occasion.  Robert Hollatschek, who works for Weyerhaeuser, has been in charge of road maintenance ever since I have owned property here (over 10 years).  Unfortunately, Weyerhaeuser has not wished this public road improved or state maintained and our HOA lot owners have suffered through a conflict of interest by Robert Hollatschek.  I understand that Weyerhaeuser is again planning logging operations on some property along this seven-mile road.  Coincidentally, the HOA lawsuit was initiated against me after I spoke out against logging operations deteriorating the road.


Immediately upon the termination of the lawsuit against me, the Board tried to place our HOA under the governance of the NC Planned Community Act, which would have given the HOA Board almost complete power over the homeowners.


As time permits, I will try to post a list of Officers, Directors, meeting minutes and financial data.


- Rick Happ   (page revised 4/5/06 to include Weyerhaeuser information)