Text of March 11, 2008 revision:

... as Creek Pointe HOA Board member James Oster said in his email to the other Board members, “people like Rick Happ need to be sent a message in order to control their irrational actions.” Of course, the Creek Pointe HOA Board members are just the right people to do just that! From what is contained in the 2007 Annual Meeting minutes, it appears a “special” message for Rick Happ is being prepared. Too many in this world, including myself, have experienced such messages of hate in recent years. The need for a gate is mere political pretense, for the obvious reality is in stark contrast to the message delivered by Creek Pointe HOA Board members. Hell is a gated community,” announced the Sarasota Herald-Tribune last June, reporting that market research by the big homebuilder Pulte Homes found that no one under fifty wants to live in them, so its latest local development will be open and non gated. What I write here is as plain as the light of day - no tricks, no pretense, and I don't play politics. For those who point to the gate I have at the entrance to my private property, let me say that the purpose of this gate is to keep HOA snoopers out seeking to check “what rules I have broken”. Although my wife and I own almost 250 acres, I have been told by HOA Board members that I do not have the right to cut down one single tree without their permission. My wife Nancy and I do not have a problem with other visitors coming to visit us at their discretion from outside the HOA. None of our visitors will care or threaten to sue us if we decide to cut down a tree. Again, in stark contrast, the lies, wasted time, wasted money, and the continuing cover ups by various HOA Board members over the past several years must be growing tiresome not just for myself and others, but even for the Board members themselves.

Closer to home, after tens of thousands of dollars in advertising, and thousands of visitors to its model home, the new River Dunes development in Oriental has sold only three or four homes. Seems like even older retired folks aren't rushing to buy into this HOA dream. Maybe River Dunes' serenity and security, quite a selling point, is not quite as good as its hyped up to be. Reported in the Pamlico News, March 5, 2008:
Boat owned by Wal-Mart exec stolen from River Dunes marina - Theft proves embarrassing.
Here's a thought, maybe the crooks came by water. Will the Creek Point Board seek to fence off the waterfront next?